This summer Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram is launching Unity Elevation: Teen Yogi Program, a seven week Sunday program beginning July 17, 2017 for ages 13-17.

Participants in this program will gather once a week for seven weeks on Sundays from 2pm – 5pm. Each class is three hours in duration. Children will learn simple and effective yoga postures and breathing techniques for a steadier happier mind, increased energy and the experience of inner peace, inspiring teens to better understand themselves, others and their surroundings.


Unity Elevation: Teen Yogi Program promotes:

1. Self-confidence
2. Mindfulness practices
3. Movement that build strength and flexibility
4. Implementation of strategies to reduce personal anxiety and stress
5. Working cooperatively with others on community-based projects.

At the conclusion of the program Kula Kamala Foundation will offer regularly scheduled Teen Yoga classes. This program is a paywhat-you-can service. Suggested tuition is $240.

About Kula Kamala Foundation

Kula Kamala Foundation is an educational and philanthropic movement dedicated to the healing of all beings everywhere. The Foundation provides educational programs that serve the general public, professionals, and medical and mental healthcare workers. Services are offered through the Kula Kamala Ashram in Alsace, PA.

Kula Kamala Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. For more information or program application contact Kula Kamala Foundation at 484-509-5073, or Teen Yogi Program Coordinator Allison Dracha 484-772-6446.