Jump into your space suit and report for training, because the newest exhibition at the Reading Public Museum is landing and it’s out of this world! ASTRONAUT: Your Journey Begins on Earth is opening January 21, bringing with it a whole space lab full of science fun.

The new interactive hands-on exhibition explores the physical and mental challenges involved in space exploration and gives visitors a taste of what life is like outside of Earth and its atmosphere.

Director and CEO of the Reading Public Museum, John Graydon Smith, said, “Astronaut is a really unique exhibition because it shows all the stages of becoming a space explorer. From training, to blasting off, and living in space, which exposes a reality not often accurately depicted.”

The exhibition also focuses on team-work to solve problems, accurately perform tasks, and overcome challenges that astronauts would face on a real mission to the cosmos.

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For information on exhibition related programming please visit: readingpublicmuseum.org/astronaut ASTRONAUT will be on view from January 21 – May 5, 2019.