Dundore & Heister is a butcher shop specializing in whole animal butchery located on Penn Avenue in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Join Bites of Berks host Justin Choate as he goes behind the scenes of Dundore & Hesiter to see their unique approach to the classic butcher shop.

From farm to kitchen Dundore & Heister takes pride in working with farmers to source pastured animals raised humanely. Offering a variety of anti-biotic and hormone free pasture-raised meats such as beef, chicken, lamb, and pork, Dundore & Heister is resurrecting a forgotten artform otherwise lost to the convenience of modern grocery stores.

“The dinner table is a conduit for lasting memories and soul-awakening experiences. Dundore and Heister is here to help you along this culinary journey–one that we hope is delightful, educational, and unforgettably delicious.”