Local pretzel manufacturer Unique Pretzels, known for their “split-open pretzels” is now using technology to help customers reorder their favorite snacks online.

Unique Pretzel Bakery, Inc. based out of Muhlenberg Township recently partnered with Amazon to create a Dash Button for the local pretzel company.

The new Amazon Dash Button allows Amazon Prime members to customize their Dash Buttons to reorder any of the 15 Unique Pretzels sold on amazon.com.

Unique Pretzels Amazon Dash Button

“Unique Pretzel Bakery, Inc. is proud to be teaming up with Amazon and joining the Dash Button program. We strive to keep up with emerging technologies, like the Dash Button for Unique Pretzels that allow our customers to benefit from convenience. The Dash Button for Unique Pretzels is simple to use, and offers the potential to reduce the number of trips to a store and save our customers time to enjoy life and our great pretzels,” said Justin Spannuth, COO at Unique Pretzel Bakery, Inc.

How does the Amazon Dash work?

It’s relatively simple, the Amazon Dash Button can be placed anywhere around your house. It connects to Amazon via WiFi, and once pushed it reorders your favorite product automatically. To activate, use the Amazon App on your Android or iOS smartphone to select the ‘pretzels of choice’.

If your’e wondering about your kids pushing the button on accident Amazon has order protection. Amazon will only respond to the first press until the order is delivered.

As always, Amazon Prime members receive free shipping. Buy your own Unique Pretzels Amazon Dash Button: www.Amazon.com/unique-pretzel-dash…