DAWN is returning to the stage with Danity Kane on their DK3 reunion tour. In addition to performing Danity Kane hits with her bandmates, DAWN will also be performing highlights from her solo catalog, as well as new material off of her forthcoming, yet-to-be-announced new solo record. The tour will be coming to Santander Performing Arts Center December 8th.

Last week DAWN released new music for the first time since 2016 with a powerful new single and hypnotic music video for “Jealousy,” the first taste of her new album set for release in early 2019. DAWN goes back to her roots for this single, drawing from the “strength, power, vulnerability and culture” of her native New Orleans. The city’s rich musical heritage and the traditions of the Mardi Gras Indians come to the forefront of her music and visuals on both this single and forthcoming full-length project. The video, directed by regular collaborator Monty Marsh, features Chief Montana of the Washitaw Nation, a tribe that has been in DAWN’s family for generations. One of the first women in history to be given permission to wear a chief’s headdress, DAWN is featured wearing traditional Washitaw Nation garb hand-sewn by Montana himself in the video.

DAWN’s previously released trilogy of solo records garnered critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Fader, FACT and more. She was also a featured guest vocalist on Dirty Projectors’ latest album. She plays Adult Swim Festival this November, where she has been a curator and designer for the cable channel. As an actress, she was recently featured in the new season of HBO series Insecure, as well as the movies Five Weddings and Kinky, both out this Autumn.

“The sharpness of her words is only enhanced by the pureness of her tone; each is chilling in a different way. Her voice strong and unwavering, leaving everybody on notice, “Jealousy” captures the satisfaction of putting a sneak on blast.” – Pitchfork

Tickets can be found on Ticket Master. ticketmaster.com/Dawn-Danity-Kane

Article provided by Grandstand Media