Funnel Cake history was made at the Kutztown Fairgrounds as a cable television crew was in town to break the world record for the largest Funnel Cake ever made. 

Kutztown Folk Fest officials made the world largest funnel cake measuring 30 inches wide. The massive funnel cake took 15 minutes to fry. The amazing feat was documented by a television film crew as a pilot episode for a new travel series.


Leading show was Steve Mallie, owner of Mallie’s Sports Bar and Grill in Detroit. Known for is world record burger Mallie was brought in to oversee the entire process of making the funnel cake.

It was standing room only in building B-9 as the group poured the batter into the giant fryer. The group eventually flipped the funnel cake using two large custom made metal spatulas. Once the funnel cake was done cooking it was placed on a table for the addition of the trademarked powdered sugar.

Take a look!