Competitiors Push Through Brain Freeze in Scooper Bowl Eating Contest

Sweet Ride Ice Cream, the popular ice cream parlor in West Reading hosted Scooper Bowl, an ice cream eating contests benefiting Greater Berks Food Bank. Racing against the clock, competitors shoveled down mountains of ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles all for the chance to win a free year’s worth of ice cream and a cool trophy.

To qualify, competitors had to eat a full ice cream sundae as quick as they could. The fastest 8 times in each category (Adult, Doubles, Kids and Teens) advanced to compete at the finals. It was standing room only in the ice cream parlor as Michael Kindlick from Jam On Sound Productions began the show.

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The rules were simple, no eating with hands, use only one spoon at a time and everything must be cleared from the plate. Each round was more exciting than the last with the crowd cheering on the competitors with loud applause.

With only a 30 second difference between the qualifying competitors, the adult finals was the competition everyone was waiting for. It didn’t take long for the clock to start but within minutes a champion was crowned. Steve “Barracuda” Hillegass ate 6 large scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles and 6 cherries in 1 minute and 12 seconds to win.

“There’s always someone better than you, but they weren’t here for me today” said competitor Steve Hillegass.

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The ice cream eating competition benefited the Greater Berks Food Bank, spectators were encouraged to Bring 5 or more nonperishable items during the event for their own free single scoop of ice cream.

Qualifying contestants

Adult Division: David Ruhf, Jason Glass, Steve “Barracuda” Hillegass, Andrew Glass, Joshua Mogel, Matthew Hottenstein, Dane Miller, Jack “Snack Jack” Diamond

Teen Division: Ellie Loose, Thomas DiCarlo, Mackenzie Ricketts, Giovanna Lisa

Kids Division: Gabe Hillegass, Alyssa Marks-Glass, Daniel Bonslaver, Francesca Lisa

Doubles Division: David Ruhf & Andrew Glass, Danny Cieniewicz & Mike Hartman, Kelsey Glass & Kallie Ruhf

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