Cell Lab Coordinator, Kayla Aulenbach, teaches kids about DNA.

The Reading Science Center opened its doors for a few hours on Saturday, giving the public a sneak preview of their new facility and exhibits in works. Still under construction, the Science Center is located on the lower level of 645 Penn Street.

With a quick elevator ride to the bottom floor, guests enjoyed a tour by science center staff showcasing new exhibits, face painting, and live demonstrations for kids.

The Reading Science Center hopes to benefit the city of Reading and the surrounding areas by providing educational and entertaining hands-on science experiences for the community, schools, and families.

According to staff at the sneak preview, the science center mission is to encourage STEM careers and inform the community about scientific activities in the Reading area.

Penn State Chemistry Adviser, Greglynn Gibbs, teaches kids how to make slime.

There is still work to be done. The science center is still a construction zone. Touring the facility, scaffolding lines the main staircase and construction equipment can be seen everywhere.

Don’t worry, the construction equipment won’t be around for long. The staff are excited to get the science center up and running. When completed, the center will host educational classrooms, multiple exhibits, and a science lab.

Guests play with a giant Newton’s cradle.

A Reading Science Center staff member told us they are hoping to have everything completed by the end of February or early March at the earliest.