State Police host Q&A at Wyomissing Family Restaurant

No speeches or agendas just questions and concerns. That is how Hamid Chaudhry, owner of the Wyomissing Family Restaurant promoted the one of a kind event on Facebook. As a business owner and philanthropist, Hamid works hard to bring the community together. Using his restaurants banquet hall, Hamid and accompanied staff provided free coffee, donuts and small snakes to promote a positive atmosphere to attending guests.

The goal of “Coffee with a Cop” is to create a inviting forum for community members to talk with and get to know Police outside of an emergency situation. As it was promoted, it was an informal experience, officers roamed the banquet hall tables striking up conversations with anyone who was willing to talk. Looking around the room it was easy to see everyone getting along.

According to Trooper David Beohm, Public Information Officer for Troop L, the event was just one of several community forums setup by the State Police to engage the community each year. Although it is the first of its kind in Berks, Trooper Beohm mentioned they are already planning a second for northern Berks. Another pleasant surprise for the morning was seeing a few officers from the City of Reading and Wyomissing Police Department.

View our Facebook live stream of the event below:

We heard from a little bird that surrounding police departments are considering holding similar events around the county! Stay tuned.