Community pools are the lifeblood of the neighborhood in the summer. Hot weather, swimming lessons, and the snack bar, it’s a place memories are made. If you’ve seen the news the past few years you know community pools in Berks County aren’t doing so well.. Suffering from low membership, budgeting issues, and maintenance problem, it can be challenging for local pools to be successful.

The Wilshire Pool in Sinking Spring was facing some of the same issues. With an aging infrastructure, stagnant membership base, it was time for a change. With a history of 60 years in the community, Nick Price organized a dedicated team of volunteers to fully restore the pool and property to its former glory.

With the help of several members, new and old, the Wilshire Pool has been restored. “The Dmochowski/Haraschak families are the ones who are owed all the credit for their efforts. Larry Haraschak is our board president and his wife Jennifer Dmochowski Haraschak is our secretary. Her father, Larry Haraschak a former board member from the 70/80’s was one of the main forces in a lot of our capital improvements and we are so gratefulĀ for their efforts. They are a godsent to the Wilson community.” said Price.

For Price, it wasn’t just about improving the grounds, but also the pools activities. Price said they areĀ planning to start moonlight swims twice a week, adult volleyball and Zumba to promote more events for families and parents.