A Christmas Wish to Meet NBC News Anchor Lester Holt

We receive a lot of messages on the Reading Magazine Facebook page, but there was one in particular recently we couldn’t pass up sharing. It was a message from a local hard working mother, Liz Epps about her son’s Christmas Wish.

The Message: “Today we worked on our Christmas list to Santa. His number 1 thing is to meet Lester Holt from the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. We watch religiously and he is excited to see Lester on tv daily. His interest is genuine and based off of trying to find someone who looks like him to relate and look up to.” 

Epps has been watching the NBC Nightly News for years. Part of her daily routine after work, she didn’t realize how much her son Jovanny enjoys watching the news too. Jovanny is like many five year old’s, always active and on the move, which is why it surprised Epps when he told her why he enjoys watching. “He looks just like me” Jovanny told his mom. Astonished, Epps didn’t know that was the connection he made.

“It’s someone he looks up to, we’ve talked about what Lester does and how he’s on TV to give everyone the news. There are athletes that people look up to, but how many five year old’s are looking up to Lester Holt.” Said Epps.

Jovanny’s Christmas wish list.

There are a few other things on his Christmas wish list, a motorcycle, and jet-ski, but as you can see Lester Holt takes the top spot. Epps has taken to social media to make the connection, emailing NBC Nightly News, and NCB10. “We haven’t received any responses, I understand they get tons of messages, but even if its just a email that will make his day” said Epps.