The question are we alone in the universe has fascinated mankind for centuries. From books to movies and everything in between, the idea is dissected from every angle. The Reading Public Museum’s new summer exhibition, Alien Worlds and Androids, jumps into the tantalizing theories of space travel and life beyond earth from May 19 –September 4, 2018.

Inside this exhibit are nine themed environments that will immerse museum-goers in a wide variety of discoveries and theories on space travel and the possibility of life beyond the planet earth. The exhibition includes hands-on experiments, real live robots, and more.

Visitors will find a life-size C-3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars, an exact replica of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, robots from the Terminator movies, and they can even ride along with the Mars Rover.

“We are excited to bring this exhibition to the Reading community. It features educational content on subjects to excite the entire family,” says Director and CEO of The Museum, John Graydon Smith.

With hands-on exhibits designed to bring this science to spectacular life, visitors will come away with a desire to look to the stars and see what’s out there. From deep-sea exploration to robotics and cyborgs, there is plenty to engage the imagination and ignite curiosity.

To celebrate the exhibition, The Museum is hosting a family day on June 15 with activities, games, ice cream, and more. Visit for details.

Alien Worlds and Androids is produced by GES Events and sponsored locally by Jerome I. Marcus, M.D.