Although voters did not come out in record number for the presidential primary Tuesday they did have a lot to say about the issues that brought them to the polls. Speaking with several Berks County Democrats and Republicans throughout the day we found Liliana Moore walking out of the 18th Ward Polling facility located at Alvernia University’s Upland Center.

Liliana Moore, mother of two is an avid Bernie Sanders supporter. Proudly wearing a Bernie pin she tells us how excited she was to vote mentioning the process was quick and simple. Thinking of her children, Liliana’s decision to vote for Sanders came from her families support of Sanders endorsement of free education and insurance. As a follower of the televised Democratic debates, Liliana also took it upon herself to attend the Sanders Rally last week.

“The rally was fantastic and I think the people that come together for Bernie have really been so open minded and really bring in a new approach to our Country and what should be happening in one of the most wealthiest country’s in the world.”

LilianardgAs it turns out her experience at the rally was quite inspiring. Liliana was apart of overflow group just outside and to her surprise Bernie made a quick appearance to talk with the group just before his scheduled speech. She was impressed with his effort and how genuine he was as he talked to the crowd, and not just for stopping to see them, but from also realizing how busy of a day he was in the middle of (traveling from a rally in Scranton, Reading and heading to Oaks that night,  138 miles total).

Liliana’s story was not the only one we heard on our travels. We also spoke with several others. To view more of our interviews visit our YouTube page here.