Boyertown 4th Most Popular Town in Northeast by Getaway Mavens

Boyertown has recently been nominated the 4th (out of 20) most popular northeastern town in 2016 by The popular offbeat travel website Getaway compiled the list from search data from their website. With small town attractions like the Colebrookdale Railroad, Taylor Backes and Museum of Historical Vehicles to name a few, it’s easy to see why Malerie Yolen-Cohen and Sandra Foyt, founders of Getaway Mavens chose to visit the Boyertown area.

“This was a great sign that Boyertown is finally getting recognized for its Classic charm and character, and this is only the beginning! Building a Boyertown is working hard to bringing back Boyertown to the walking town that it used to be, along with up to time ideas that blend the historical past with the bright future.” -Adrianne Blank, Main Street Manager.

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A Historic Past and a Bright Future..

  • Boyertown recently received a $120,000.00 town visioning grant to create a road map for the next five years. Incorporating strategies for Streetscapes, Sidewalks, Facades both residential and business improvements, launch new Main Street business opportunities and attractions, Marketing and business development plan, Landscape beautification initiatives, along with preserve the historical style and value of our original buildings.
  • Boyertown has also received a $35,000.00 Grant from DCNR for a feasibility study of a multi-use trail connection to the Tri-County Trail System in Montgomery County that could eventually connect to the East Greenway Alliance (a 3,000-mile-long walking trail that connects the Maine/Canada border all the way down to Key-West Florida)
  • The Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust has just received a $100,000 grant from the BB&T Economic Growth fund through the Berks County Community Foundation for operational support over the next couple years. This is a great opportunity to hire staff to secure the tourist rail excursion in bringing visitors to ride the train, in turn supporting economic growth in Boyertown.

See what other towns made the Getaway Mavens list here:

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