Mifflin Summer Zone Aims to Reduce Effects of “Summer Slide”

The Summer Zone unofficially started in 2015. Two teachers from Governor Mifflin Intermediate School, Damien Drago and Nick Blatt, offered fun summer learning opportunities over several weeks that summer. They had about a dozen students who came to learn math skills through games and other activities. After the success of their individual program, they partnered with Governor Mifflin School District to launch the Mifflin Summer Zone the following summer in 2016.  I wanted to learn more, so I interviewed Melissa Fullerton, the Director of Communications & Community Relations

What is the purpose?

“The purpose of the Mifflin Summer Zone is to keep students engaged in learning over the summer months. There is a lot of research that backs the concept of “summer slide” and the negative impact of summer break on student learning. The Mifflin Summer Zone is an opportunity for students to keep their brains active while participating in learning opportunities that delve into high-interest topics and subjects that may not get as much attention during the traditional school year,” explained Melissa.

“The Mifflin Summer Zone is designed and run by Governor Mifflin teachers. Not only is the summer an opportunity for students to expand their learning, but the Summer Zone also gives teachers an opportunity to try new teaching material and techniques that they can carry into the school year.”

Who can participate?

“All children in the Governor Mifflin School District are welcome to participate, regardless of whether they are currently enrolled in the district. There are Zones offered for grades Pre-K to 12.” Are there still sessions available in July & August? “Yes! A full schedule and enrollment information is available at governormifflinsd.org/summer”

What is the Governor Mifflin Education Foundation’s (GMEF) long term goal for Summer Zone? Mellissa is also involved with the GMEF. What’s the connection between GMEF and Summer Zone?  Melissa explained, “For the past two years, the Governor Mifflin Education Foundation has been providing financial aid to students who wish to attend the Mifflin Summer Zone. The Summer Zone is a tuition-based program. GMEF’s long term goal is to provide 100-percent funding for the program so that the Mifflin Summer Zone is available to all who wish to participate.”

You Can Help!

By donating to the Governor Mifflin Education Foundation, you can help ensure that any child who wants to attend the Mifflin Summer Zone can do so. Donation information is available online here: governormifflinsd.org/gmef

We know the power of the Governor Mifflin School District and the importance of the Summer Zone to keep enriching our children’s lives by giving them unique opportunities to test out Robotics, coding, and other incredible hands on opportunities throughout the summer to explore different interest and hobbies that will open a world of possibilities in our ever-changing society! The children truly are our future!  Supporting them, encouraging them, and providing them these opportunities to explore are truly life changing in shaping their future.

Heather Brady
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