Olivet Boys & Girls Club Reopening to Support Community Youth

Olivet Boys & Girls Club has announced it will be reopening locations beginning in late September to support community youth. President and CEO, Chris Winters, outlined the organizations reopening procedure Thursday during a press conference at the Olivet’s Pendora Park location in Reading.

Beginning September 21st, Olivet will operate club sites weekdays from 8-6pm, consisting of virtual learning support from 8-3pm, then transform into Olivet after school programming from 3-6pm.

Winters says lunch and dinner will also be provided to all youth in attendance and club registration will be limited to 50 youth per site, to comply with all C.D.C. and social distancing guidelines.

“Olivet Boys & Girls Club is looking forward to reopening our club doors for the 2020-2021 school year. While these are challenging and uncertain times, Olivet remains dedicated to the mission of ‘enabling all young people, especially those who need us the most to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and positive, responsible citizens” said Winters.

“In order to fulfill our mission, meet the needs of club members/families, and maintain safety, we have made alterations to hours of operation, policies, and procedures”

Day to day operations

During the Virtual Learning Support, club members will be assigned a specific desk, with individual stations being spaced 6 feet apart. Each member will be provided with basic school supplies and students are expected to bring their chrome book with charging cable and headphones.

In addition, club members will be expected to remain at their desks for the full day to minimize risk. However, brain “breaks” and de-masking breaks will be built into the daily routine.

For the Afterschool Programming, club members will participate in programs related to recreation, healthy lifestyles, positive action, etc. To minimize risk, club members will stay within a designated group and area throughout programming.

During the press conference, Winters also emphasized that membership fees are $30 or less for the entire year, depending on the enrolled program.

Enrollment will be capped at 50 club members for larger clubs and 20 club members for smaller sites for the first two weeks during the initial reopening pilot period. Following the initial pilot period, Winters said he is hopeful they can expand in the future as staffing capacity is enhanced.

Lunch will be provided at the club with club members eating meals at their designated desk/learning station. However, breakfast will not be provided. In addition, Grab & Go dinners will also be available to club members upon leaving if they choose.

Safety Guidelines

Safety and minimizing risk important for the organization. Upon arrival at the club, club members will be required to get a temperature check, hand wash, sanitize, and wear a mask.

If a club member registers a fever of 100 degrees Farenheit or higher, the member will be taken to a separate quarantine area for 15 minutes. His/her temperature will be re-taken, and if it is still above 100 degrees, a parent/guardian will be notified, and the member will need to be picked up immediately.

Hand-washing & sanitizing breaks are planned into the daily programming schedule for staff & Olivet members. If a club member/staff member/Olivet volunteer tests positive, the club will close for 72 hours for deep cleaning. Club members may return to the club after 14 days provided they are symptom/fever free and have a doctor’s note clearing them to return to the club.

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