The One Love Project, a local organization that promotes wellness within the LGBTQ+ community, is looking for volunteers to help those most in need in the City of Reading.

The organization is also looking for volunteers to serve as a board member and the positions available are Treasurer, Community Advisor and Secretary.

Anyone interested in being apart of the group can contact One Love Project by email which at

Applicants should email in their name, email, phone number and answer four preliminary questions: What role do you think you would play on the board? What experience do you have that is related to One Love Project Mission? What motivates you as an individual? What other resources can you contribute?

Interviews are expected to take place on September 12, 2021.

The mission of the One Love Project is to promote wellness within the LGBTQ+ community by offering help to those in need. They collaborate with other organizations in our community to bring individuals of all backgrounds together while providing resources to those suffering.