Yocum Institute for Arts Education will host an exhibition by Yenna Hill from September 10, 2021 – October 16, 2021. The exhibit is free to the public and features the works of artist Yenna Hill.

There will be an Opening Reception on Friday, September 10, 2021 from 5:00-7:00pm at the Yocum Institute Holleran Gallery located at 3000 Penn Ave, West Lawn, PA 19609.

Yenna Hill grew up steeped in street and pop art and is greatly influenced by her uncle Keith Haring. Influenced by her uncle and her grandfather, Yenna was raised in a family of artists. They all continue to influence her today. She says sometimes her grandmother is in her handwriting, other times various family members show up in her art, like a thumb print.

Photo courtesy of Yocum Institute for Arts Educatio.

She plays with textures, lines and randomization. When asked how she would describe her art, she says, “I do complex line work… I make things with my hands”.

Yenna Hill started out looking at blank spaces and wanting to see lines across them. Creating art is a meditative state for her. “The eye loves symbols. I make playgrounds for the eyes.” she said.

Masks are required when visiting and Yocum asks visitors to follow posted social distancing guidelines.

Photo courtesy of Yocum Institute for Arts Education.