“A clean towel & shower are one of the many services we offer to homeless youth & families experiencing homelessness.” Explained Elise Chesson, Executive Director at Family Promise of Berks County when I asked what 2 items she could use a large quantity of to truly make a difference this year in their efforts to support homeless Families and Youth in Berks County to get back on their feet.

When I learned that a new clean towel to own, something many of us take for granted, could literally bring a lasting smile to the face of our homeless families and youth – I knew this was going to be our March Member Mission for our Do It Local Community!

The Do It Local Fundraising Team & Family Promise of Berks County kicked off our Towel & Washcloth March Mission Drive with the support of the Home Builders Association of Berks County at their Home & Garden Show March at the Crowne Plaza.

I asked Elise Chesson to recap our kick off event and she wrote “Family Promise of Berks County was excited to partner with the teams at Do It Local, the Home Builder’s Association, Crowne Plaza and all the great vendors present at the Home & Garden Show. The towel & washcloth drive was a great success! We’re grateful for this fabulous opportunity to collect much needed items for the families, children and teens we serve! It’s wonderful to see the community come together in support of a worthy cause. We’ve been serving homeless families and teens since 2006 yet many people still haven’t heard of us. Collaborations like these allow us to reach a greater audience, raise awareness and build a network of supporters that help us continue to serve those in need. The simple things we all take for granted like taking a shower with a clean towel are unfortunately a luxury for many of the children who walk through our doors! Thanks for your care & generosity!”

Do It Local Monthly Member Missions

Monthly Member Missions are a new subdivision to our Do It Local Movement. Basically, each month we will choose a easy to donate item that makes a big impact for one of our local charity partners in our community and share this mission with our supporters to help us reach our goal. What’s really cool is the awareness that the mission builds for our local charity partners and Do It Local simultaneously while actively making an impact in our community as Elise mentioned!

Our supporters have something impactful to share on social media as well as in person with their friends and family that spreads organically! It feels so good to give back and our simple monthly missions make it easy for anyone to either donate the item or share the mission with their circle of friends and family! Sharing our information is just as important as donating an item. We need both for our Monthly Missions to be a success!

We loved this Facebook Post from Family Promise of Berks in regards to our Towel & Washcloth Drive: “Thank you do it LOCAL App! We love & appreciate how your team gives back to the community! An amazing business model that makes everyone a winner in the long run! The simplest act of kindness can make a world of difference.”

It’s true! Everyone does win! Our Do It Local Members feel great about donating while also saving money with their Do It Local mobile coupon app! Charities build awareness and receive necessary donations. Locally owned businesses see new customers by giving special deals to our members who so generously donate & volunteer in our community! As we grow, we will add new locally owned businesses to our movement by adding their deals in our app and new Member Missions each month! It is important that our Movement also reminds our community that supporting locally owned businesses whenever possible truly helps our economy!  When you have the chose – chose local!  Eat local, shop local, donate local … Do It ALL Local!!

To date we have completed 4 successful Member Missions and we look forward to many more!!

December 2018

Do It Local Members wrapped and collected last minute teenage gifts for 86 older children at the Children’s Home of Reading who could have woke up Christmas morning without a gift.

  • What I learned during this collection: Most donations received by CHOR are for the younger kids. This past year there were 86 teenagers that were going to wake up Christmas morning with out a gift…
  • The result: Within 72 hours we not only collected donations but also wrapped and delivered the necessary gifts to ensure every kid had something to open Christmas morning. This was the unofficial launch of Member Missions for our incredibly generous and community oriented Do It Local Members.

January 2019

Do It Local Members fed dinner to 96 Homeless Friends at the Opportunity House and stocked the fridge with meals during one of the coldest weeks of the year.

  • Do It Local Members donated food and volunteer hours to make this a complete success!
  • What I learned during this volunteer service was that the Opportunity House didn’t have breakfast food during this Code Blue season and desperately needed cereal donations.

February 2019

318 Cereal Boxes were donated to the Opportunity House to stock the shelves for breakfast.

  • Fact: We didn’t just donate cereal boxes, children of our Do It Local Members took the time to color a Valentine Hope / Love theme coloring page to tape to each cereal box so that our homeless friends woke up each morning with a little extra love in their hearts and hope & determination in their souls.
  • What we learned together: This special mission taught the young children how easy it is to make an impact and to get involved! Wyomissing Valley Preschool, Robeson Luthern Preschool, Immanuel Preschool of Shillington, and Kindercare of Spring preschools helped implement the drive! Our goal was 100 cereal boxes and we were able to collect and decorate 318!! A HUGE success!

March 2019

107 Washclothes and 100 Towels we donated to the Family Promise of Berks County for their homeless youth and families.

  • What I learned during this collection: The Family Promise of Berks program keeps families together during these difficult times and works with them to get them back on their feet. When families join their program, they are given a locker and bath supplies so they can visit the Day Center for showers as needed! A new towel to call their own is considered a luxury – and thanks to our amazing Do It Local members they have plenty of beautiful colorful towels!
  • Fact: The Family Promise of Berks County could also use Laundry Detergent donations for their laundry room. Please contact Do It Local or Family Promise directly if you are interested in starting your own collection for laundry detergent!

April 2019 (starting this month)

100 Children Socks (boys and girls) and 100 children underwear (boys and girls – all sizes) for Threads of Change!

  • We will be collecting these items at the Touch a Truck Event hosted by the Junior League of Reading on April 20th at First Energy Stadium (home of the Fightin Phillies!)

For those who cannot make the Touch a Truck event, we will also be collecting these items throughout the community. Simply email Heather@doitlocalfundraising.com to find the closest collection place to you!

Threads of Change is a nonprofit organization who allows foster children to shop for clothing essentials. Most of the children never receive NEW socks or underwear, rather they are always given handmedowns… and Do It Local believes that every child deserves at least one pair of socks and underwear to call their own!

In a nutshell, GET INVOLVED!

If you are not a Do It Local Member, please consider becoming a member today! We are happy to give you a trial membership at no cost simply send me an email. The Do It Local Movement can only do what we do with the support our local business partners who offer the deals in our app and our community sponsors.

As you know supporting locally owned businesses truly helps our local economy!  This also holds true for coupons, use local advertising companies’ coupons whenever you have the choice. It all keeps money in our local economy creating more jobs, less taxes, and opportunities for new businesses to open up!!

Become a Do It Local Member today using one of the 2 ways below: Choose a Charity to support and purchase a $15 Membership online: doitlocalfundraising.com Donate to one of our Monthly Member Mission by simply emailing us for a list of upcoming needs! local@doitlocalfundraising.com.

Get Involved with our March Mission Charity: The Family Promise of Berks in keeping families together & youth off the street! A Look at Homelessness & How You Can Help https://mailchi.mp. Working for Change – Stories that explore how FPBC is combating family & youth homelessness youtube.com.

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Heather is a community driven "dot connector" who discovered her passion for locally owned businesses during her career in National Advertising. Heather explains that "Local Entrepreneurs are fearless community driven, family oriented, and full of passion! Very similarly minded to our community leaders involved in our local charity organizations!" Heather truly believes that Teamwork makes the Dreamwork and has dedicated her life to creating on-going cross promotional opportunities for local charities and local business owners to support each other. The opportunity to write a monthly article for Reading Magazine that showcases one of Heather's Do It Local Charity Partners monthly is a dream come true. The history, the passion, and of course highlighting the easy ways to get involved tell our community exactly why that charity was chosen to be a Do It Local Partner! Learn more about Heather's Do It Local Fundraising App: www.doitLOCALFundraising.com and join her movement!