What once seemed like an impossible dream is quickly becoming reality for the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. It has been only a few months since the ARL Board of Directors voted unanimously for the organization to become a no-kill shelter, and already incredible strides are being made.

Currently maintaining a 94% live release rate for this year, the ARL could not be more pleased with the number of animals it has been able to save and help find forever homes. This essentially means that, for every 100 animals that come through their doors, 94% of them leave alive! The other 6% represents animals that were suffering, untreatable, or too dangerous to be released back into the community.

In order to officially be considered a “no-kill” shelter, the ARL needs to sustain an average live release rate of over 90%. This largely depends on the community’s involvement! Executive Director Tom Hubric reiterates, “To date, we estimate that our Push P.A.W.S. initiative has saved more than 750 animals since we implemented our no-kill philosophy. We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we know the true test is ahead through the summer months as our intake of homeless animals rises dramatically and sharply.We are so appreciative of the support the community has shown us so far, but we are far from having enough of a financial and care taking foundation in place to feel confident and comfortable that we’ll achieve our goals immediately. We continue to desperately need more help.” If you love animals as much as we do, there are several key ways that you can get involved!


Foster families who are willing to welcome animals in their homes on a temporary basis until their forever homes can be found are key to this organization. Fostering is free and there is no long-term commitment. All you need is love and some space in your home for a homeless animal who is not yet old enough to be adopted or cannot be accommodated at the ARL kennel due to lack of space. If interested, please contact Tori Williams at twilliams@berksarl.org or 610-373-8830 x117.


There are many volunteering opportunities at the ARL! These include dog walking, cleaning kennels, clerical assistance, events, community outreach and more! Visit berksarl.org/volunteers to learn more. Ready to start volunteering? Contact Hope Poliansky at hpoliansky@berksarl.org or 610-373-8830 x120.


“Because it’s physically impossible to house the several litters of kittens who come through our doors each day through the warmer months, now, more than ever, we need the support of the community to donate money to help us with our increased veterinary expenses, as well as to help feed and care for these animals.” – Jessica Prutzman, ARL Board President.


This is ultimately how animal lives are saved – by finding loving, forever homes with members of our community. If you are interested in a pet, please consider visiting the Animal Rescue League and adopting one of the animals who so desperately needs a home.

Adopting from the Animal Rescue League also comes with several noteworthy benefits – such as vaccinations, microchip, spay/neutering, and a comprehensive welcome packet which now includes a free year’s membership to the Do It Local Mobile App.

Featuring a new pet category to cover all the needs of a new pet owner, Do It Local offers exclusive deals and discounts to the best locally owned businesses in Berks County while raising funds and awareness for charity partners like the ARL. With over 100 deals conveniently on your phone and new deals added weekly, members can enjoy great savings while joining the “Locals Helping Locals” movement! Join now: doitlocalapp.com

With so much of Berks County backing the ARL’s no-kill initiative, it is now up to us as a community to really come together and support this cause. Hundreds of animals are depending on us! Please visit berksarl.org and follow @berksARL on social media to stay up-to-date with the ARL’s latest events, live release numbers and immediate needs. Together, we save lives!