Chalk the Mountain adds flare to the Reading 120 Course

Reading, PA - Watching the sunset from the Pagoda is always a sight to see. However, visitors to the Pagoda Friday night got a little extra out...

The Reading 120 Final Laps

Highlights of the 2016 Reading 120 final laps through City Park in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Pre Game Interview with Lt. Matt Eshenaur at Hometown Heroes

Pre Game Interview with Lt. Matt Eshenaur of the Exeter Fire Department during Hometown Heroes Community Tribute to Service in Exeter Township, Pennsylvania.

Lonnie Walker Signs Autographs for Fans

Just after getting off the bus from winning the State Championship Basketball Trophy in Hersey Lonnie Walker begins signing autographs for fans.

Photo Gallery: Tyrone Nesby Showcase Basketball Game

Photo Gallery of the Berks County Basketball Showcase Game presented by Tyrone Nesby held on April 2, 2017 at Exeter High School. Game photos are available to download...