With the threat of thunderstorms for Sunday’s race Duryea Downhill officials voted to hold the race a day early (Saturday 4-7pm). The change of day and time didn’t stop athletes and spectators from turning out, City Park was filled with vendors, sponsor and team tents.

This years race course was a little different than previous years. Athletes began their journey riding in the back of a large Penske truck up to the Fire tower atop Mt. Penn. The race itself was divided into waves, younger athletes started the day followed by elite riders finishing just before sundown.

The race wasn’t without injury. Throughout the event several riders went down while navigating the natural course obstacles (rocks, tress, etc..). Although most were minor falls, the race did however stop for about 15 minutes due to a crash between Clymer Street and Duryea Drive. While trying to avoid an on course tree the rider tumbled down the side of the embankment. After a quick check by the paramedics the rider was up and walking around. Spectators were very quick with their enthusiasm, cheering for his determination.

Although it was a day early the Duryea Downhill was a success. The riders we talked with after the race were excited to come back to beat their times next year.