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Beauty and creativity on display this summer at the Reading Public Museum

The summer exhibitions at the Reading Public Museum are full of beauty and creativity, a must see for visitors from preschoolers through seniors. An...

Black Youth & The Verdict: A look toward sentencing in America’s highest-profile case of police murder.

Former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin will be sentenced Friday for the murder of George Floyd. And as the sentencing date nears, people are...

How a Student who Learns Differently is Impacted by the Pandemic

Time passes by, but Ezequiel's is frozen. Every tick of the clock drives him closer to his dreaded reality. In less than four hours,...

Student Designers share inspiration behind Albright Divine Fashion Show

On Saturday, Albright College students hosted the Divine Fashion Show. Organizer Starlene Williams, an Albright senior and fashion designer, said that she chose the...

Tanya Melendez: Cultivating Community Garden in Oakbrook

​Tanya Melendez has a deep love of the natural beauty contained within the city of Reading. Whether she is enjoying bike rides on local...

Markers added to Union Canal Trail to Improve Safety for Visitors

As Berks residents return to the County’s many parks and trails this spring, they’ll find a new system of markers along the popular Union...


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