Moonlight Massacre: Building the Haunt

Halloween enthusiast Branden Moyer goes from backyard haunt to professional attraction in our latest documentary film.


For years Halloween enthusiast Branden Moyer has constructed a haunted house in his backyard, gathering thousands of visitors. With no more room to expand his home haunt, Moyer takes his hobby to a new level by building a massive 4,000 square foot haunted attraction in the middle of a busy shopping plaza.


Branden Moyer is a resident of Kenhorst, Pennsylvania. A small suburb of the city of Reading. Moyer has always had an aptitude for creative design. While attending high school at Governor Mifflin, Moyer constructed a massive 36 foot tall roller coaster out of the plastic building pieces, K’NEX as a class project.

Fast forward to the present day, Moyer uses his love for Halloween to build elaborate haunted houses in his backyard. Each year Moyer chooses a different theme, with all money going to the Spirit of Children Foundation.
Over the past four years thousands of people from all across eastern Pennsylvania have visited Moyer’s backyard haunt. To accommodate more visitors and reduce the burden on his neighbors, Moyer decided he would move his 2018 haunt to a new location.

As an owner of a local home cleaning company, he partnered with one of his clients, Retro Fitness, to find a larger space. In the Spring of that year, Moyer began designing the blueprints for his new haunted attraction that would utilize a piece of untouched property in the Kenhorst Shopping Plaza. Moyer named it Moonlight Massacre.