What do the movies Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Nutty Professor and Gone With The Wind all have in common? They’re all specialty hot dogs on the menu at Mad Dogs Hot Dogs in Kutztown. Mad Dogs is Kutztown’s latest eatery offering specialty hot dogs, hamburgers and classic sides.

Brainchild of Chris Moyer and Melissa Casto, their love for movies blossomed into a unique idea to serve hot dogs paired with toppings inspired by big screen films. As a former chef, Chris has worked in the food industry for almost 20 years. His experience creating new flavors and her love for Hollywood came together in December 2016 when they found their perfect location on North Constitution Blvd. Quick to feed the masses, Chris and Melissa made a few renovations and unofficially opened the doors.

You might be wondering how to make a movie into a hot dog. Let’s take a look at a few of the delicious dogs on the menu. “Blazing Saddles” is topped with baked beans, bacon, sauerkraut and chili sauce. For those who love “Napoleon Dynamite”, you get tater tots, bacon, cheese sauce and Mad Dog sauce.

“Good Morning Vietnam” serves up Sriracha mayo, fresh jalapeno, carrot, cucumber and raw onion. “The Godfather” is topped with a respectable bell pepper, grilled potatoes, onion, provolone cheese and spicy brown mustard.

Mad Dogs is located at 100 North Constitution Blvd. in Kutztown, PA. Open 7 days a week from 11am – 8pm. www.maddogskutztown.com