Exeter Entrepreneur Opens Mobile Kitchen Remodeling Business

Exeter Township resident Michael Stratton has worked locally as a business consultant for years, but has always had an aptitude for design and craftsmanship. Striking out on his own, Stratton is now the local franchise owner of Kitchen Tune-Up, a national kitchen remodeling company known for updating kitchens & cabinetry.

Serving communities throughout Berks County and the Lehigh Valley, Stratton hopes to make kitchen updates hassle-free for homeowners.

“With my background in sales and business, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to expand my portfolio locally. I’m so excited to help local homeowners make their kitchen dreams come true” said Stratton.

With a background that includes working in business consulting, operations, and sales as well as nine years in the US Air Force, Stratton’s experience has given him the foundation to launch and grow his business locally.

“Michael is a fantastic addition to the Kitchen Tune-Up family. We have all the confidence in him to carry on the Kitchen Tune-Up tradition,” said Heidi Morrissey, president of the Kitchen Tune-Up Franchise System.

“He is exactly the type of trusted partner homeowners in Berks County need to support their remodeling project.”

In addition to residential clients, Stratton will offer kitchen remodeling for commercial customers.

Stratton added that while most kitchen remodeling services can take weeks, leaving kitchens inaccessible, his process with Kitchen Tune-Up can finish work in as little time as one day.

“I am so proud to be part of a company that has built its reputation on trust, top service and amazing results,” added Stratton. “These are qualities which I believe are critical in the success of any business, and am proud to be part of a company that values them so highly. I am as motivated as ever and Kitchen Tune-Up is a major reason why.”

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