Find Clues, Solve Puzzles and Decipher Codes at Encrypted Escape

You could play a board game or video game, but it’s just not the real thing. That all changes with the opening of Encrypted Escape in West Reading, located below one of West Reading’s most popular restaurants Say Cheese.

Encrypted Escape immerses guests into a unique interactive experience. With only 60 minutes to “escape”, problem solving skills, creativity and team work is a must.

To go behind the scenes at Berks County’s newest escape room we sat down with Marcelo Morales, co-owner of Encrypted Escape to talk about his passion for escape rooms. In addition to the newly opened West Reading location, Morales also owns Captured LV in Bethlehem, which has been in operation since 2016.

For Morales, escape rooms are not just his business but a way of life. Since first learning about the escape room phenomenon, he has traveled near and far to try different rooms. In that time he has spoken to several other escape room owners learn the tricks of the trade. In building his own, Morales said he is proud to offer a unique experience that guests won’t see duplicated any where else.

Rooms are big and you have to divide and conquer to be successful, its not a matter of how smart you are, its how you interact with the room that makes it fun, said Morales.

There’s a lot more that goes into an escape room that meets the eye. As Morales points out its not just about technology. Many of his rooms feature what is called Generation 1 and Generation 2 escape systems, meaning they use physical locks, written clues and computers to help solve the game. From his experiences, Morales says Gen 1 and 2 offer a better experience for groups and parties, as oppose to Generation 3 and 4, which use computers to guide guests through the game.

Encrypted Escape’s first opening room features “Bikers Revenge”. Bikers Revenge takes guests back to 1996 where an outlaw gang has made their way into Reading. They have caused mayhem everywhere they go for the last 10 years. Drugs, guns, pillaging, brawls, etc…if it’s illegal, they have their hand in it.

The police haven’t been able to infiltrate this tight group and now they are recruiting kids from the neighborhood and terrorizing the city. In an attempt to stop the gang, guests are encouraged to find evidence for the police.

As you can imagine Encrypted Escape is a great place to take a group, but it isn’t just for private events. Single tickets to games are also available to play with others who book the same session. In addition to groups and private events Encrypted Escape is also setup for corporate team building.

Who can play? Encrypted Escape is best for teens and adults. According to Morales, kids under 14 will find the rooms very challenging. That doesn’t mean kids are excluded, they may not be so interested in the complexities of the game.

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