Lt. Lance Lillis: Reading Police Community Response Coordinator

We’re diving into a fascinating discussion with Lieutenant Lance Lillis from the Reading Police Department today on the Reading Magazine Live Podcast. As the Community Resource Coordinator, Lieutenant Lillis plays a pivotal role in connecting law enforcement with the community, ensuring a cohesive and collaborative approach to public safety.

With over two decades of experience in law enforcement, Lieutenant Lillis brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to his role. Starting his career in 1998 as a patrolman, he has navigated various roles within the department, from undercover work to supervisory positions. His journey led him to oversee the K9 division, manage food distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic, and serve as the department’s quartermaster, responsible for essential resources like vehicles and uniforms.

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Lieutenant Lillis’s transition to the role of Community Resource Coordinator came at a pivotal moment, coinciding with the gradual recovery from the pandemic. His expertise in engaging with the community has been instrumental in revitalizing outreach efforts and strengthening partnerships with local organizations and nonprofits.

In our conversation, Lieutenant Lillis sheds light on his motivations for pursuing a career in law enforcement and the challenges and rewards of his profession. From his early aspirations sparked by a college course in criminal justice to his decision to serve in the bustling City of Reading, Lieutenant Lillis’s journey is one fueled by passion and commitment.

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Lieutenant Lillis’s dedication to community engagement extends beyond recruitment efforts. He actively seeks feedback from residents, encouraging them to report any concerns or issues they observe in their neighborhoods. Whether it’s suspicious activities, noise complaints, or safety hazards, Lieutenant Lillis emphasizes the importance of timely reporting to enable law enforcement to respond effectively.

In addition to addressing immediate concerns, Lieutenant Lillis is passionate about fostering long-term solutions to community challenges. He collaborates with local nonprofits, faith groups, and other organizations to promote after-school and summer programs for youth. Recognizing the need for safe and constructive outlets, especially after the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, he advocates for accessible recreational facilities and organized activities to keep young people engaged and away from potential trouble.

Despite the constraints of a busy police department, Lieutenant Lillis makes it a priority to dedicate time to engage with residents directly. He attends community events, conducts tours for schoolchildren at the police department, and welcomes feedback and suggestions from all members of the community. By fostering open communication and collaboration, Lieutenant Lillis embodies the proactive approach needed to build trust and strengthen relationships between law enforcement and the community.

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Jason Hugg
Jason Hugg
Editor and photographer of Reading Magazine.
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