Michael Hartman: Balancing Individual Fitness and Nutrition

As a personal trainer Michael Hartman has spent the past 13 years working hard to help people with their fitness goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or just stay active Hartman takes pride in what he does because he knows first hand what it’s like to struggle with weight loss.

“I was always the overweight kid despite baseball and football athletics” Hartman says. In 2003 he experience a blunt trauma to his L3 and L4 discs from fielding an onside kick for football. Causing lower back damage, extensive physical therapy was required to get him back to normal. During that year he says he ballooned from 180lb to 240lb due to inactivity.

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It wasn’t until 2004 he decided to make a change. In this time he reduced soda, sweets and started doing cardio and weight training. “Many times I did the wrong thing in the gym, but it worked!” Over the course of 2 years he lost 60 pounds to get back to his original 180 pounds.

Michael Hartman demonstrating the Push Sled at Wyomissing Fitness.

Proud of what he accoplished, Hartman was eager to teach others what he knew. It wasn’t long before he received his first personal training certification, enrolled in college for Kinesiology at Penn State, and was hired at LA Fitness with his first job personal training.

“I know what it’s like to lose weight and gain muscle so I can relate to people who wish to do the same. I also know what it’s like to be in pain, injured, and depressed due to lack of movement and poor eating choices. That is why I help people every day, because if I can make a few lives better every day, I’m doing my part.” For Hartman, this is the key to his success as a personal trainer.

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Over the years Hartman has developed his own method of training to suit the needs of his clients. “I believe in an individualized approach to fitness and nutrition. No two people should have the same workout for their individual goals and needs.”

Michael Hartman demonstrating the Ropes at Wyomissing Fitness.

With this in mind Hartman started his own personal training and nutrition business called Formal Fitness Training. As Hartman puts it “it’s the quest for the best version of yourself”. Hartman’s technique uses five areas to help his clients achieve their goals. They are mindset, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, nutrition, and flexibility.

As a traveling personal trainer, Hartman works out of Wyomissing Fitness and Training, Etchfit, and Mifflin YMCA and is involved with several programs including golf fitness and core & back strengthening programs to strengthen the muscles of the abs, and back to improve core strength and decrease lower back pain.

Expanding his business outside of the gym Hartman also works on corporate wellness programs and in home personal training designed for busy individuals or those who don’t want to go to a gym. Reflecting on the past 13 years Hartman says he has enjoyed getting to know his clients, making a difference in their lives and looks forward to helping out many more.

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Michael Hartman
Michael Hartmanhttps://formalfitnesstraining.com
Owner of Formal Fitness Training and Healthy Living reporter for Reading Magazine. My education includes a B.S. Kinesiology Penn State, NSCA-CPT and CPR/AED.
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