Branden Moyer: Disney, Business Ownership, and Community

​Berks County resident Brandon Moyer’s journey to entrepreneurship took a magical detour following his 2008 graduation from Governor Mifflin Highschool–he started working for Disney.

He took advantage of a special work experience program that Disney offers for recent highschool graduates, and started working as a housekeeper in common areas and inside one of their resorts.

“I worked in over 12 hotels on their property for 3.5-4 years,” Moyer said. “[Disney teaches] you courtesy; how to be respectful to guests. Other companies go to see how Disney does things [with their employees].”

Armed with the education in superior customer service that he learned during his time at Disney, Moyer returned to Berks County from Florida seven years ago with the dream of starting his own business.

“I had $1000 in my pocket, and said ‘I’m going to try something I’ve never done before,” he said. Moyer started his own cleaning business, Homecare Solutions LLC, in 2014.

“The first year, you really don’t know what you’re doing–you learn as you go,” Moyer said in regards to starting a business.

“Life is scary being an entrepreneur, you don’t know what your day to day is going to be life. People like to be in that comfortable 9-5 job bubble and know what tomorrow is going to bring. For me, life is too short and I want to indulge in that adventurous mode all the time.”

Homecare Solutions LLC–which originally consisted of Moyer and his cousin Lindsey as the sole employees–grew so successful over the last seven years that they were able to acquire former cleaning company Sweep, Sparkle, and Shine in 2019.

From the original $1000 that Moyer invested in his fledgling business upon his return from Florida, Homecare Solutions LLC now has over half a million dollars in revenue as a company.

“Berks County is so unique that word of mouth really helped my business in the beginning,” Moyer said gratefully. “Change is opportunity!”

In addition to owning Homecare Solutions LLC, Moyer is also on the Kenhorst Zoning Board, and has experience creating unique haunted houses in Berks County.

Jason Hugg
Jason Hugg
Editor and photographer of Reading Magazine.

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