Downhill riders from across the region took over Mount Penn on Saturday for the 13th installment of the Duryea Downhill.

Similar to last year, wet weather made the course a bit slippery, but that didnt stop 50+ racers from flying down the mountain.

Started in 2003 by Reading Racing, the Duryea Downhill Mountain Bike Race originates from the long running Duryea Hill Climb car race. The uphill course used Duryea Drive in the early 1900’s.

As the largest attended downhill race in the Country, the Duryea Downhill attracts racers from all over country and as far away as New Zealand according to Duryea Downhill website.

Women’s Pro winners 3rd place Riley Weidman, 2nd place Amy Leishear and 1st place Kristen Lenart.

The most impressive time of the day was Neko Mullaly with 2:10. If that doesn’t sound quick just remember that’s riding through the woods from just above the Pagoda down to City Park, no easy feat.

Men’s Pro winners Logan 3rd place Mulally, 2nd place Mauricio Estrada and 1st place Neko Mullaly.

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