Jennifer Diaz-Martinez

I'm a sophomore going into junior year, I love writing. I write for Reading High School's yearbook as an editor. I am also a part of the Telling True Stories project. I'm also an artist, and in the future I hope to write a novel, make a game, animate a show, SO many things! Maybe not all of them at the same time, but I hope I can do at least one of those things. Neurodivergent issues are very important to me, because as the oldest sister of a child with autism, with a Hispanic family that does not understand the concept of it, I've grown up seeing it be mistreated. I have the urgent need to try and explain to others the importance of clearing up stigmas and taking care of your neurodivergent family and friends, as well as allowing them the space and time to speak up against their mistreatment. This is only the bare minimum, but Ezequiel and I hope to be able to make a difference.

How a Student who Learns Differently is Impacted by the Pandemic

Time passes by, but Ezequiel's is frozen. Every tick of the clock drives him closer to his dreaded reality. In less than four hours,...