Hundreds of people packed 6th Avenue in West Reading Saturday for the 2nd annual West Reading French Fry Festival. 15 vendors lined the block serving up their unique take on the popular side dish. Popular toppings included everything from chili to seafood.

A few unique eats included West Reading Tavern’s Duck Fat Fries, Nonno Alby’s Chili Cheese Fries and Crabby Go Fish Fries from Go Fish Seafood Market. Other vendors included Relish, Philly Fry, Gourmand, Chatty Monks, Say Cheese and Twisted Treats.

Going behind the scenes, Reading Magazine food fanatic Justin Choate found several chefs eager to talk about their unique creations. Check out this adventures in an all new episode of Bites of Berks.

Walking through French Fry Fest, Choate found several french fry fans trying new flavors, including Kevin Gorski who shared his take on the Say Cheese Spicy BBQ Fries.

“One of my favorite things is the Coleslaw with the ghost pepper mixed in, so it does have a good kick to it, but its not too much of a kick, its got a good flavor mixed around it, their masters at cheeses.”

French Fries weren’t the only thing on the menu on Saturday. In conjunction with the French Fry Festival, Beer Fest was also held across the street in the Olympia Ball Room featuring beer tasting from several local breweries and pubs.