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Suzy Rae Design, LLC: Crafting Imaginative Print & Web Solutions for Two Decades

Suzy Rae Design, LLC is proudly commemorating its 20th anniversary in 2024, marking two decades of inventive solutions and satisfied clientele. Established in September 2004 by Suzy Lysczek, the company’s journey began when Lysczek transitioned from her prepress production role to pursue her aspiration of being a full-time graphic designer.

Recalling the early days, Lysczek reminisces, “Initially, our focus was on graphic design and printing. I started by renting desk space from Double Click Computers in West Reading. Within two years, spurred by increasing demand, I expanded, hired my first employee, outgrew our initial space, and partnered in purchasing a building in Wyomissing.”

Today, Suzy Rae Design flourishes with a team of four skilled employees, accompanied by two four-legged office companions, Maya and Barley, offering an extended range of services. Lysczek notes, “We’ve broadened our offerings to include web design, web hosting, website maintenance, and social media management.”

Lysczek attributes the longevity and prosperity of Suzy Rae Design, LLC to its profound comprehension of clients’ needs. “We are dedicated to surpassing expectations through imaginative designs and outstanding customer service,” she emphasizes. “My greatest fulfillment stems from empowering businesses to thrive. Whether crafting a logo for a startup or executing a comprehensive rebranding, every project is invigorating. Witnessing our designs manifest into reality is truly exhilarating – that’s where my passion lies!”

Philip Barket, Art Director & Senior Designer, who joined SRD in 2018, expresses, “From day one, I was eager to contribute to the SRD team, and that’s precisely what I did. Witnessing the diverse range of clients Suzy worked with and the myriad of services we offered was fulfilling. Suzy is committed to fostering relationships and propelling the agency forward.”

“Adaptability is crucial for our business,” adds Barket. “While we excel in our designated roles, we remain open to learning and unafraid of embracing new opportunities.”

Toni Stevens, Social Media Manager, a part of the SRD team since 2022, values the intimate rapport with clients. She remarks, “Playing a role, no matter how minor, in the narratives of numerous small businesses is incredibly fulfilling. I genuinely treasure each client and take pride in championing their brands and missions.”

Suzy Rae Design, LLC is headquartered at 5 Lady Diana Dr., Reading, Pa. For further details, contact 610-376-1128 or visit suzyraedesign.com.

Hope Rescue Mission serves as beacon of hope for homeless and hungry

Since 1894, Hope Rescue Mission has been helping men in Berks County have a place to sleep, something to eat, and get the help that they need. The organization offers four different residential programs for men to transition back into the world and become a productive member of society. They provide physical, emotional, and spiritual help for all of the homeless in the community and the greater Reading area.

“Hope Rescue Mission is a place to find the immediate physical needs that you have when life hits a critical point in crisis,” Executive Director Rob Turchi explains discussing the mission of Hope Rescue Mission.

At the mission, men come in when they absolutely need it most. For many, it’s like a last resort because they may have burned bridges between their family, friends, and those who’ve been in their lives. When they’re out of personal resources, men can come to the mission. In hard times, the mission offers them a place to sleep, somewhere to shower, three meals a day, and a variety of toiletries.

“If they come to the mission, then they’ve burned bridges elsewhere. It means they don’t have family or friends that are willing to take them in,” Turchi explained. “So, the mission is a temporary family, temporary home.”

Robert Turchi has been the Executive Director at Hope Rescue Mission for the past 11 years. In many ways, the mission has changed over the years that he’s been in the position.

In the 128 years that the mission has been open, their main goal has stayed the same; to feed the hungry, and shelter and clothe those in need. When Turchi first started, he was running the show. Always trying to make sure that everyone that walked through the mission doors got the help and support they needed.

“My role has really evolved. We’ve been able to up the mission up to the public, revitalize the facilities, and open our arms wide to volunteers that have brought in more support,” Turchi said. “Over the last several years, my role has developed into a fundraising role and focus. Also, I oversee the finances and our staff.”

Before they had professional staff, the men of the mission were the ones running the kitchen, the thrift store located out back, and more. Now, Turchi has brought in professional chefs, and many more professionals. By replacing the program’s participants with outside professional staff, it takes the pressure off of the men who are in the mission. These men can still volunteer with more appropriate roles under the professional staff.

“I’ve been able to develop the team and bring in specialized people. Like doctors, nurses, mental health providers and a professional chef.”

Turchi Say the public has many opportunities to get involved with the mission. At Hope Rescue Mission, they make it easy for volunteers to come in. By having volunteers, it brings in light and love through the facility. Students, families, and children of all ages come in and help serve meals for everyone that comes into the facility. Once people are more familiar with how the facility works, their skills and talents can be utilized throughout the mission.

“We try and make it an easy process for volunteers to come in,” said Volunteer Coordinator Jayme Eenigenburg. “They can contact us through our website to fill out a volunteer form, and then, I’ll get them set up!”

Although Hope Rescue Mission only sleeps men in their dormitories, they’re in the works of building a new division called “Lighthouse”. Lighthouse will be a women and children’s shelter.

As for right now, women and children are welcome to come to the mission to get a hot meal, take a shower, get clothing from the thrift store, and any toiletries that they may need. Starting in the summer, construction for the new shelter will being.

“The Lighthouse Shelter will consisted of private suites. We want to be able to keep families together, so that the mom and the children can have a private space of their own” said Turchi.

Jobany Bedoya: Entrepreneur, DJ and founder of Wednesday Diversity Mixers


It’s evident that Jobany Bedoya, the founder of the Wednesday Diversity Mixers, is not just an entrepreneur but also a community builder and advocate for diversity and inclusion in the Greater Reading area. His journey from starting a barber shop to navigating through various industries like retail banking, DJing, and event organizing showcases his resilience and adaptability.

Despite facing challenges such as lack of access to resources and cultural shocks, Jobany’s determination led him to establish the Wednesday Diversity Mixers, providing a platform for local businesses, entrepreneurs, and community members to connect and thrive. What sets his networking events apart is the emphasis on building genuine relationships rather than solely focusing on business transactions.

With over eight years of organizing successful mixers, Jobany has created a space where people from diverse backgrounds can come together, share ideas, and support each other’s endeavors. His commitment to fostering economic development and empowering minority business owners is commendable.

Furthermore, Jobany’s innovative approach to networking, incorporating elements of education and community engagement, has contributed to the success and growth of the Wednesday Diversity Mixers. His dedication to providing valuable resources and opportunities for local businesses demonstrates his passion for uplifting the community.

As the Wednesday Diversity Mixers approach their eighth anniversary, Jobany is gearing up for a significant project to celebrate the milestone. His continued efforts to promote diversity, inclusion, and economic empowerment make him a standout entrepreneur in the Reading area. With his vision and leadership, Jobany Bedoya is truly making a difference in the local community.

Marc Goldstein: Blankets of Hope Berks


Mark Goldstein, the founder of Blankets of Hope, is making a significant impact in the community through his inspirational work. Ten years ago, amidst negative news about Reading, Mark, a longtime resident of Berks County, felt compelled to make a difference. With his extensive knowledge of the promotional products industry, he had the idea to repurpose blankets purchased by a customer into donations for those in need. This sparked the beginning of Blankets of Hope.

Initially focusing on distributing blankets to organizations like the Salvation Army and homeless shelters, Blankets of Hope soon expanded its reach. Mark and his team realized that the need extended beyond just blankets, leading them to provide beds and even cribs to families in need. Through strategic partnerships with local businesses like Fecera’s Furniture, they were able to source quality mattresses and box springs at affordable prices.

One of the key principles of Blankets of Hope is its minimal overhead costs. Mark’s background in business taught him the value of efficiency, and he applied this ethos to the nonprofit sector. By eliminating unnecessary expenses like office space and warehousing, Blankets of Hope ensures that nearly every dollar donated goes directly towards their mission of providing warmth and comfort to those in need.

The impact of Blankets of Hope goes beyond just providing physical warmth. Mark and his team understand the emotional significance of their donations, particularly for vulnerable populations like cancer patients, hospice patients, and children in foster care. By offering colorful blankets and beds, they aim to bring a sense of comfort and dignity to those facing difficult circumstances.

In addition to their core mission, Blankets of Hope also hosts fundraising events like their annual chili cook-off and golf tournament. These events not only raise funds but also foster community engagement and support for their cause. With each successful event, Blankets of Hope is able to expand their reach and serve even more individuals and families in need.

Mark’s dedication to transparency and accountability is evident in Blankets of Hope’s financial practices. With a commitment to keeping administrative costs low and maintaining clear financial records, donors can trust that their contributions are making a direct and immediate impact in the community.

Over the past decade, Blankets of Hope has donated over 71,000 blankets and expanded their services to include beds and cribs. Through their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to serving others, Mark Goldstein and Blankets of Hope continue to inspire hope and make a difference in the lives of countless individuals and families in Reading and beyond.

Lt. Lance Lillis: Reading Police Community Response Coordinator

We’re diving into a fascinating discussion with Lieutenant Lance Lillis from the Reading Police Department today on the Reading Magazine Live Podcast. As the Community Resource Coordinator, Lieutenant Lillis plays a pivotal role in connecting law enforcement with the community, ensuring a cohesive and collaborative approach to public safety.

With over two decades of experience in law enforcement, Lieutenant Lillis brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to his role. Starting his career in 1998 as a patrolman, he has navigated various roles within the department, from undercover work to supervisory positions. His journey led him to oversee the K9 division, manage food distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic, and serve as the department’s quartermaster, responsible for essential resources like vehicles and uniforms.

Lieutenant Lillis’s transition to the role of Community Resource Coordinator came at a pivotal moment, coinciding with the gradual recovery from the pandemic. His expertise in engaging with the community has been instrumental in revitalizing outreach efforts and strengthening partnerships with local organizations and nonprofits.

In our conversation, Lieutenant Lillis sheds light on his motivations for pursuing a career in law enforcement and the challenges and rewards of his profession. From his early aspirations sparked by a college course in criminal justice to his decision to serve in the bustling City of Reading, Lieutenant Lillis’s journey is one fueled by passion and commitment.

Lieutenant Lillis’s dedication to community engagement extends beyond recruitment efforts. He actively seeks feedback from residents, encouraging them to report any concerns or issues they observe in their neighborhoods. Whether it’s suspicious activities, noise complaints, or safety hazards, Lieutenant Lillis emphasizes the importance of timely reporting to enable law enforcement to respond effectively.

In addition to addressing immediate concerns, Lieutenant Lillis is passionate about fostering long-term solutions to community challenges. He collaborates with local nonprofits, faith groups, and other organizations to promote after-school and summer programs for youth. Recognizing the need for safe and constructive outlets, especially after the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, he advocates for accessible recreational facilities and organized activities to keep young people engaged and away from potential trouble.

Despite the constraints of a busy police department, Lieutenant Lillis makes it a priority to dedicate time to engage with residents directly. He attends community events, conducts tours for schoolchildren at the police department, and welcomes feedback and suggestions from all members of the community. By fostering open communication and collaboration, Lieutenant Lillis embodies the proactive approach needed to build trust and strengthen relationships between law enforcement and the community.