Adrean Turner: All Things are Possible if you Keep Going

Being a beauty queen is more then just having a fun personality and beauty. We got a chance to sit down with Adrean Turner to learn more about the Mrs. Berks County Pennsylvania 2018 winner.

Turner grew up in Philadelphia and attended an all-girls high school. She believes that attending an all-girls school helped the foundation for her life and who she is. This includes becoming the first person in her family to earn a college degree. After college she began working in corporate America.

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In the early 2000’s she experienced a personal conflict that lead her to question what she wanted to do with her life. Turner was stuck between wanting to leave her career after 23 years to teach and help people and the fear of what would happen if she did. After creating a pros and cons list she realized the worst-case scenario would be she needs to go back to corporate if her business did not work out.

Around 2008 an opportunity arose for her to retire from her corporate position which she thought was the perfect chance for her to branch out on her own. Unfortunately, that was the year of the financial collapse which did not help her out since she was trying to invest in an assisted living facility.

This did however give Turner the chance to prove to herself that she could start a business and have the confidence to do something on her own.

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Turner returned to the corporate workforce full of passion and desire to start her own company. While working full time she put together the platform for her company and in August of 2013 she finally was able to fully launch Turner Coaching, Training, and Consulting.

Turner was finally able to quit her career and work full time for herself. “I left my career because I believed more in myself and more about what I’m destined to do.” She continued to grow her business taking on new challenges as they came along.

“When your looking for opportunity, you are always open to see opportunity”

This was true for Turner when she was approached about writing her own book. She had been working on writing a book and eventually was able to bring it to a publisher.

Turner’s book is called “Fearless. Inspired. Transformed. F.I.T. for Success” In her book Adrean covers six steps you need to be “F.I.T.” Personal and Business Development-aligning yourself with the skills you need, Stress Breakers- how to manager stress better, Relationships- Family and Networking , Refreshment- finding ways to encourage yourself, Confidence-How to gain and maintain this important quality, Goals and Future-How to reach your goals and reach for the stars.

Each step has detailed explanations and examples that everyone can relate to. Her book is available for purchase from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailers as well as her website

Turner is set to compete in the Mrs. Pennsylvania contest this month. She mentioned how growing up she would have liked to compete in pageants when she was younger but did not think it was possible.

Therefore, it was not part of her dream. It wasn’t until she researched pageants online after meeting Mrs. Senior Berks County she realized she could compete. Her mission and reason for joining pageants was to bring the issue of women and wellness in the workplace. She knew that competing in the pageant would give her a larger voice and platform.

Although her career change to entrepreneurship came with its challenges Adrean continues to persevere. She continues to help businesses both big and small. “If you are not making mistakes then you are not doing anything.”

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