Alneasa Jordan: Above and Beyond Human Resources

The job of a human resources director may not seem exciting to most people. What’s the first thing you think of? Sitting at an office, filing out paper work, calculating pay role? That may be the job, but that’s not Alneasa Jordan’s job. Working at the DoubleTree by Hilton Reading gives her an opportunity to transform her role in human resources to something more unique.

Working in the hospitality, and human resources industry for 10 years, Jordan has found herself to be the go to person at the DoubleTree. Where Jordan differs from others in her field is her compassion for her co-workers. “It’s about enriching the lives of our employees, if they need help finding an apartment or food, I help where they need me the most” says Jordan.

Jordan says her job is more than a title, her goal is to rebuilding the community, one person at a time. “Even when someone doesn’t workout here, I’ll help them find work somewhere else, it’s just who I am.”

It’s important for Jordan to help others because she was in the same position. Recalling her younger years, Jordan says she can relate because she knows what its like to be a mom on welfare, living with eviction threats, and having her car repossessed.

“I was that person, and it was traumatic, especially trying to focus on work when other employees don’t care what your struggle is. That’s why I have a heart to connect with people now and help them” says Jordan.

Not only is Jordan the human resources director, she is also the CARE president at the hotel. CARE is a program by Hilton dedicated to supporting the community. In her role with CARE, Jordan has setup volunteer work for hotel employees across the city including working with the Reading Recreation Commission, Berks Encore, and SafeBerks.

It’s not just about going out to volunteer in the community, it’s also about using the resources of the hotel. “Most recently was the trick or treat and movie night for the kids of the RIZE program. We setup a small maze and haunted house, movie and hot dogs, and snacks for about 38 kids.”

With the holidays Jordan and the CARE program are also working with Meals on Wheels to provide food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanks to Jordan’s management, hotel employees have completed over 1,600 volunteer hours so far this year.

All of this is important to Jordan because it all runs in a cycle. Treating the employees better, helping them take some stresses away, leads to an improved guest experience. “It’s a win win situation when you have great people, provide an environment they can succeed in, and see it all come back when guests are enjoying their stay” says Jordan.

Jason Hugg
Jason Hugg
Editor and photographer of Reading Magazine.

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