Speed Networking Connects Local Business Professionals

It’s been one year since Limarys Rodriguez, owner of LMG Marketing Solutions began connecting local business professionals. Besides managing her business, Limarys is the founder of Berks County Speed Networking, an event series hosted throughout the county.

To host the one-year anniversary, Limarys chose Piazza Honda/ Acura of Reading. Over 50 business professionals sat among classic cars to meet like-minded business professionals. Over the last year roughly 400 people have attended her networking events, bringing Berks County professionals closer together.

If you are not familiar, the goal of a speed networking event is to provide a platform where business minded professionals can get together in a fast paced, effective, and fun environment. Speed networking is what it sounds like, quick, focused opportunities to meet those who can catapult your career or business.

Limarys Rodriguez (left) joins the speed networking rotation.

Limarys tells us she came up with the idea from attending other local networking events. “I wanted to be able to go a networking event and meet everyone in the room. That was my goal walking in, but it wouldn’t always happen, for a whole bunch of reasons…”.

Going to a networking event can be tricky for a ‘first timer’. People are usually paired in groups, some leave early, the list goes on.. Limarys wanted to solve this problem for herself and clients. Speed networking was the solution, a place where everyone was on an equal playing field.

The concept is simple, people sit across from each other in a row. After 1 minute a bell rings and everyone moves to the right. Now you’re in front of a new person and the process starts again. Although it’s a fast paces environment, it’s just enough time to meet someone new and make a connection. Exchanging business cards are common practice to contact a person later.

“I love hearing the success stories from people who have made connections, it’s makes all of the hard work planning the event worth it” said Limarys.


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