This past Saturday, I was able to check off another goal on my list: have a live show. In the podcasting world, a live show is similar to a concert. You bring the conversation off the recording and into real time. Having attended a live show to my favorite podcast back in February, I was so excited to have one of my own.

I told my dear friend and mentor, David, and immediately propositioned him to be my guest. I was thrilled when he obliged, even though he thinks my audience may grow tired of him (impossible!) I was able to partner with Reading Magazine to have a video portion to be able to share on social media. I was introduced to Jarrod who graciously assisted us with sound. I was able to have amazing merchandise thanks to Custom It AFS.

Without even asking, Mateo of Retorocle came and took the amazing pictures. And of course, all our amazing friends, family, and even new faces came to watch! Little by little, all the pieces fell into place. So many people came together to bring my dream to life, it was truly a labor of love. I’m so happy to now be able to share the audio with you all.

Meet David Nazario

In Make Love Your Religion: How To Put Love First & Succeed at Doing What You Love, you will get an exclusive look at the steps author David Nazario takes to ensure that he only does what he loves, yet calls it “work.” At age 34, David has never had a full-time job. He earns an income writing, speaking and working with young people – all activities that he loves to do. Make Love Your Religion explores David’s journey as an Afro-Puerto Rican writer, traveler, and young professional from a poverty stricken city in southeastern Pennsylvania.

This multi-genre text combines self-help, workbook, and memoir elements to create a narrative that encourages readers to consider doing what they love for a living a spiritual act. David’s goal in writing this is to dispel, for people of all ages, the concept that we are trapped by our circumstances and to plant the seeds that success is within reach for all of us when we put love at the forefront of all of our endeavors.

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