Georgio’s Pizzeria supports Penn Avenue trash clean up effort

When school is out kids hit the streets spending long days outside with friends, visiting carnivals and watching fireworks. For many who are old enough summer is also a great time to get a small job and earn money.

That’s was Aaron Stephenson’s idea, to find a job just to pay for a few small items over the summer. The only problem? He’s 13 years old, not quite the age to legally have a job. Not wanting to let his age limit his summer goals he began searching for a job anyway. At the suggestion of his father, Aaron stopped in to talk to Chris Posch, owner of Georgio’s Pizzeria in West Reading to see if he had any employment opportunities.

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Like many of the small business owners on Penn Avenue Posch has always been frustrated with the trash problem on the sidewalks and street. It wasn’t until he met Aaron that he thought of a solution. Considering his age Posch gave Aaron a slightly different job offer than normal.

Work as a volunteer for a few hours a week and clean up the sidewalks of Penn Avenue. In return for his good service Posch would buy Aaron school supplies, new shoes or other items he might need.

Proud to have landed a summer job Aaron quickly accepted the offer and began working on the Avenue with a trash bucket, broom and dustpan provided by Georgio’s. Walking up and down the Avenue Aaron found himself meeting new people and business owners, who were all to eager to give him a little tip for his service.

Happy to help Aaron buy a few summer items Posch is hopeful more businesses on the Avenue will take his lead and sponsor youth volunteers to clean up the area. Looking towards the future Posch would like to expand the clean up effort to include the residential areas of West Reading as well.

So if you find yourself walking on the sidewalks of Penn Ave and you see Aaron with his broom and bucket, give him a five five and thank him for taking the intuitive to make the community of West Reading a better place.

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Jason Hugg
Jason Hugg
Editor and photographer of Reading Magazine.
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