Mayor Eddie Moran stands at a fire hydrant in Glenside for Wacky Water Wednesday.

Four weeks ago, City of Reading Mayor, Eddie Moran, launched a new initiative called Wacky Water Wednesday. Every Wednesday through September 2nd, city fire hydrants have been opened to allow kids to play in the water.

Today, kids in Glenside and Oakbrook Homes had a chance to play in the water. In total, 15 locations have been designated by the city as Wacky Water Wednesday spots. A sprinkler device is installed by Reading Water Authority on hydrants prior to the day of the event.

The Reading Recreation Commission proposed this initiative as a way to engage with the community in a fun way. Mayor Moran said he immediately loved the idea.

“I have beautiful memories of my childhood in New York City playing outside with other kids by the fire hydrants. I am glad we get to do this in Reading and help build our young residents’ own memories,” the Mayor said.

These events are geared to youth as a way to provide relief from the summer heat and safely restore our sense of community. To avoid large gatherings, Wacky Water Wednesday locations are a surprise every week, only shared discretely with nearby neighbors.

To accommodate proper space for the events, some streets will be closed. Traffic will be directed accordingly by police. In addition, snacks and drinks are provided by Reading Recreation Commission.