Food & Essentials Provided to 400 Reading Families in Need

Price Rite Marketplace teamed up with anti-hunger organization Feed the Children and event partners Perdue and Hope Rescue Mission to distribute food and essentials to 400 local families on Thursday, August 27.

The community event is part of the supermarket retailer’s 2020 Feeding Minds & Bodies Campaign, in partnership with Feed the Children, which helps food insecure and struggling families in the communities where Price Rite Marketplace stores operate.

Each family, pre-identified based on need by Hope Rescue Mission, received a 25-pound box of food; 15-pound box of essentials like shampoo, conditioner, lotion and personal-care items; additional shelf-stable items provided by Price Rite Marketplace and two backpacks filled with school supplies.

“Now more than ever families are facing food insecurity due to this pandemic,” said Jim Dorey, president of Price Rite Marketplace. “Giving back to the communities we serve is at the heart of Price Rite Marketplace and we’re proud to continue our partnership with Feed the Children for a sixth year and provide food and essentials to local families in need.”

Fighting hunger is at the heart of Price Rite Marketplace’s charitable giving and, paired with Feed the Children’s vision to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry, the two created an initiative called Feeding Minds & Bodies, which is designed to help bring attention to and fight the serious issue of childhood hunger.

The two organizations plan on hosting eight events in 2020 to address seasonal issues surrounding food insecurity, including the lack of food during the summer months, back-to-school season and the holidays.

“We believe that no child should go to bed hungry, especially during this time of instability around COVID-19,” said Travis Arnold, president and CEO of Feed the Children.

“This crisis has put a strain on our resources and the resources of our partners. However, through our partnership with Price Rite Marketplace, we can support America’s most vulnerable and restore hope for the future.”

Since partnering with Feed the Children in 2015, Price Rite Marketplace has contributed nearly 2 million pounds of food, totaling more than $7 million in gift-in-kind donations.

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