Children will have a convenient way to complete their summer reading this year thanks to the addition of a “Little Free Library” on Penn Avenue in West Reading. Altrusa¬†International of Reading-Berks and Kids Cuts Barbershop officially unveiled the mini library to the public during West Reading’s 2nd Friday festivities.

The Little Free Library is design to help children improve their reading skills. The concept is simple, kids are welcome to borrow or keep any book they choose. Conversely, children and parents are encouraged to donate books back to the library for others.

West Reading residents and officials gather for the dedication of the Little Free Library.


Modeled after the Pagoda on Mount Penn, the Little Free Library is built to last. Constructed by several local craftsmen, the roof is made from metal, structure made from wood and it even comes with lights.

Located on the side walk in front of Kids Cuts, owner John Hansbury told us how the concept began. According to Hansbury, he and his staff regularly encourage their clients to read while waiting for their appointments.

Altrusa members remove the ribbon off of the Little Free Library to during the ceremony.

Hansbury says he was approached by members of Altrusa Int. who were looking for a local business to host the Little Free Library. After almost a year of planning, permits and construction, the library is finally ready.

“I’ve been here 26 years, and as a slower reader myself when i was growing up I feel it is very important to encourage kids to read, they didn’t have this kind of stuff back then.” – John Hansbury, owner of Kids Cuts.

John Hansbury, owner of Kids Cuts on Penn Avenue West Reading.

Altrusa International is a non-profit organization that strives to make local communities better through leadership, partnership and service. Altrusa’s mission is to end illiteracy and to actively work in the community to make books available to children who may not have access to books or reading.

To commemorate the 100th year of Altrusa International the organization stocked the Little Free Library with 100 books and bookmarks.

Kids Cuts is located at 626 Penn Ave, West Reading, PA 19611