Kiss A Cow fundraiser benefits Animal Rescue League

Teachers from all four Middle Schools in Reading participated in the very special Kiss A Cow fundraiser this week, all to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. Students were given one month to raise money in a competition which would result in their teacher kissing a cow.

The idea was first brought to the school district by Joell Koller, teacher at Southern Middle School, who also has a small heard of cattle in Blandon. We caught up with Koller and Vinnie the Cow at Northeast Middle School, their last stop of the day. “I love bringing my world into where these kids would never have the opportunity to see a cow” said Koller.

It was a fun, but tough day for Vinnie. Only one week old, the calf spent the day traveling to each of the middle schools to be kissed. The students enjoyed watching the teachers kiss the calf, the room would fill with laughter after each kiss.

According to Alex Brown, Principle of Northeast Middle School, the Kiss A Cow contest is the first phase of a larger fundraiser for the Animal Rescue League. Brown says future events will include food and pet supplies drive, all of which to lead up to an adoption pageant in May.

“It really just started as an idea for our kids to work together on a common project that is a topic, and subject, that everyone can relate too” said Brown.

Northeast Middle School raised over $600 for the Animal Rescue League, all together the schools raised over a thousand dollars.

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