With the Reading 120 Bike Race right around the corner we caught up with professional cyclist David Dawson and Team Skyline at Skyline Bike Shop as they prepare for the grueling 120 mile course passing through Oley, Kuztown and the City of Reading.

You never know what the weather is going to be on race day. With the first year of the Reading 120 being a wash out the team is obviously looking forward to better weather this September. Using their “home field advantage” helped them navigate the roads but David says they are defiantly looking to improve on last years time.

“They’re great roads, but when you throw a thunderstorm in the mix, its bound to take the best guys and put them on the ground.” -David Dawson

Saturdays training wasn’t without trouble, during the 3 hour ride the team had a few unexpected stops. Early on near Oley the team stopped on the side of the road to fix a broken chain. Impressively, they were able to detach and repair the chain link in a matter of minutes. Continuing on the team made its way up to Kutztown stopping for water, then traveled back down towards Reading. Unfortunately, along the way back a few wrong turns were made making the return a little longer. Once this was corrected the team made its way though the City of Reading and up though Skyline Drive passing by the Pagoda and Fire Tower.

For more information on Team skyline and their mission visit www.teamskylineapparel.com