Muhlenberg Author publishes Sci-Fi Trilogy ‘Coming of Angels’

For one Muhlenburg resident, there is more to life than what we see around us. Erie happenings, unidentified phenomenon, strange coincidence. For all her life M.J. Banks has been interested in the the scientific unknown, but it wasn’t until 2005 when she thought about writing as a way to reach other with the same interests.

Banks began with a simple goal, write a sci-fi story people could relate to. However, it didn’t take over night, banks took her time writing over several years. It all started with the purchase of a laptop. Banks would sit and write out her ideas steadily building the framework that would become a trilogy. Following her retirement, Banks decided it was time to dedicate all of her time to complete and publishing her first book.

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The result of her years of work is the Coming of Angels trilogy, with the first book titled Strange Happenings. Strange Happenings made its debut in April of 2017. Although it’s science fiction, Banks has added elements of her own life experiences into the trilogy. One of these instances is the main charters daughter who has Autism. This was especially important for Banks to include as her own family has a history of Autism. “Just because someone has Autism doesn’t mean they can’t live a full life”.

Coming of Angels is based on the life of Jack Branden, an award-winning journalist who becomes involved in doing research for a UFO documentary. During his research, he discovers there are similarities between an experience his wife had one night, and people claiming to be abducted by aliens. His research takes him to Roswell, England, and Belgium. As strange things begin to happen to his daughters, the overwhelming evidence that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe prompts him to embark on a quest for the truth.

New to the publishing world Banks found an unlikely partnership with Masthof Press in Morgantown. Looking for an editor Banks contacted Masthof Press to read over her book. Known for publishing local history, life stories, memoirs and more Masthof quickly took an interested in Banks and offered to publisher her trilogy. “They are amazing to work with, the cover art came out exactly how I envisioned it.” Banks Said.

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With her first book in print and distributed on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program Banks is hoping reach people from around the world. “Iv’e heard from people as far away as Wiltshire England on Facebook who said they loved the book”.

Although writing a trilogy is new territory for her, Banks want to encourage others to do what they love. “People should follow their dreams and stick with it.”

Banks next book in the trilogy titled Contact is scheduled to be release September 2017.

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Jason Hugg
Jason Hugg
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