Reading’s famous Pagoda is now a LEGO set thanks to local artist Kelly Hoffman. Comprised of 6,000 bricks the red building took Hoffman two months to piece together.

Hoffman’s love for LEGO’s began when she was five. Today, she is a member of several LEGO clubs displaying her work throughout the region. Most recently attending Brick Fest at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

“I’ve had the idea for years, but I didn’t start until a few months ago.” said Hoffman

So how do you begin to build your own LEGO set? Well, without any instructions Hoffman says the trick is in the research.

“The roof really stumped me, I took multiple field trips to the Pagoda to inspect it. Plus, I watched drone video to get an ariel view” Hoffman Said.

Pieces are not easy to come by. Hoffman used various bricks from her own personal collection, ordered pieces online, and even sourced window frames from a company in Poland.

One of the most unique aspects of the LEGO Pagoda is the detail. As a modular set, it comes part.

Taking off the roof, Hoffman can show off the interior of the building. She even added LEGO people around the building.

The Pagoda is just the beginning, Hoffman is taking suggestions on what her next Berks landmark should be.