IM Able Foundation honors Margaret McIntosh as Motivator of the Year

Each year the IM Able Foundation hosts a variety of special events, fundraisers and activities all to build and support active lifestyles for individuals with disabilities. To recognize the hard work of volunteers, staff and donors the foundation hosts an annual St. Patrick’s Day Bash to celebrate their accomplishments of the past year.

Held at Kraras Hall in Wyomissing, the night was a time of reflection and celebration. This year, two recipients were chosen as Motivators of the Year, Elite Para Equestrian athlete Margaret McIntosh and Eric Schippers of Penn National Gaming.

Margaret and Eric were both chosen as Motivators of the Year not only for their commitments to the IM Able Foundation but for what they have done in the community. To them, the IM Able Foundation isn’t just an organization to merely belong, it’s about supporting a culture of inspiration and finding the strength to face new challenges.

“This family of ours is unlike any other organization you’ll ever be apart of because it is about people who face challenges everyday of their life… To be able to enjoy fellowship with those who refuse to tapout, those who find strength in the depths of themselves they never knew exgisted…” said Eric Schippers.

Along with their annual events, the IM Able foundation is quickly expanding into new areas and partnerships.

In a highlight video shown to the audience, Chris Kaag, founder of IM Able (as the narrator in the video) spoke about the latest collaboration with Corps Fitness and Alvernia University Occupational Therapy Students. The video also featured their latest partnership with Baseball Town Charities to enhance the Field of Dream Complex by building an adaptive playground.

In his closing remarks, Chris had a few inspirational words. “You guys get the opportunity to change somebody’s life. To be able to give them the opportunity to get out their and prove [that] just because their in chairs or have challenges does not mean they are not able to accomplish anything. Thank you for making these stories possible for everybody.”

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