Amazing Berks: Episode 3 ‘Reading Innuendo’ premieres at Fox Theater

Amazing Berks, the short film series by Andrew Pochan and Sue Lange premiered its third episode to a full theater on Wednesday at the Fox Berkshire Theater in Wyomissing. Titled “Reading Innuendo” episode 3 features an ongoing loop of suggestive conversations continuously leading viewers to new and unique locations.

Filmed in several local businesses like Colonial Fitness Center, Fox Theater and Berks Lanes, “Reading Innuendo” carries on the same theme as the previous episodes calling attention to the portrayal of Reading with their signature question “Where the hell is Reading, PA”.

The night wasn’t just about Amazing Berks. Prior to the showing of “Reading Innuendo” the audience was treated to a special presentation of A Perfect You, short film by Lange which was recently nominated for the best Tri-State Filmmaker Award in the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards.

A Perfect You follows Nell, a women swept up in creating her own perfect life. In her discovery of a gray hair, she finds herself stepping out of her routine.

Sue Lange holding a University of Reading PA shirt from “Reading Innuendo” Amazing Berks: Ep 3.

Following the premier Lange addressed the theater. She described the Amazing Berks series as a lead in to her latest project titled Traffic Opera. Traffic Opera, a musical themed short film is completely centered around a city traffic jam. Currently in pre-production thanks to a grant from the Reading Musical Foundation and a donation from John Friedman the short film is set to begin filming this summer.

Tracy Schott, Executive Producer for Traffic Opera and Amazing Berks recognized the cast and crew for their hard work. Schott, no stranger to film making and video production also was quick to point out the difficulties a short film like Traffic Opera faces.

Permits for street closures, sourcing vehicles and finding a suitable location are just a few of the hurdles to get by. Schott called it “the most ambitious project we will be undertaking in Reading”. This is by no means is skepticism. Schott is very excited to be working on Traffic Opera and told us she is always inspired by how Lange sees opportunity in taking on challenging projects.

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