Undercover Boss visits New York & Company in Wyomissing

If you watched Undercover Boss on CBS Wednesday you may have been surprised to see sights from Berks County on TV.

Filming an episode featuring fashion clothing retailer New York and Company the show follows CEO Greg Scott, pretending to be new hire “Brett”. Among visiting several of the companies locations Greg meets Amber, a Fitting Room Stylist in Wyomissing.

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Amber’s job is to expedite the fitting room experience. When customers need a different size or color, Amber is able to help the customer in a timely manner. As expected, Scott didn’t have any issues finding clothes in the store, but that didn’t mean he was out of the woods.

Later on the two were able to chat about the focus of the store. Amber politely mentions that from her experience younger shoppers tend to think the clothes are for “old ladies”. Apparently, this wasn’t surprising to Greg, who says he has done a lot of work trying to shed the image by using new marketing methods.

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As they do in all episodes of Undercover Boss the employees sit down to talk with the “new hire” only to find out they are the company’s CEO. While sitting down with Amber, Greg shares his gratitude in her ability to work with younger customers and offers her a chance to work with the home office on marketing. In return Amber will receive a $5,000 dollar consulting bonus.

That’s not all… if you’ve seen the show you may know featured employees usually receive extra money and this episode was no exception. In addition to the consulting bonus Greg also offers Amber $40,000 dollars to use towards her personal expenses.

Watch the full episode here www.CBS.com/shows/undercov….

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