The Miller Gallery at Alvernia University unveiled its latest exhibit Tuesday titled Celebrating the Fabric of America From a Woman’s Perspective. Located in Francis Hall, the gallery features oil paintings by local artist Michele Byrne.

All about unity, equality, and diversity, Byrne’s work showcases women from all different backgrounds. Each painting is also joined by a ribbon, signifying the connection between them. “It shows how we are all just a small thread to this big human tapestry” says Bryne.

Byrne began the project last August and as she says “painting like a maniac” to have everything completed. Of the 16 paintings, 14 are models Byrne selected and 2 are of herself.

“My goal is to explore the complex and loosely woven intricacies of the fabric of American women. I hope to reveal and honor culture semblance through impressionistic portraits.”

In addition to the gallery, Byrne is looking to continue her work by giving other women the opportunity to model and be seen in other areas. Michele Byrne’s Celebrating the Fabric of America From a Woman’s Perspective is on display at Alvernia University’s Miller Gallery from January 14 – February 8.